Azcatec Tecnología e Ingeniería SL


Brief Description

AZCATEC (Azcatec Tecnología e Ingeniería SL) is an engineering company based in Sevilla (Spain). AZCATEC is an SME with experience in the development of industrial projects for the integration of the most advanced technological solutions in the industrial sector, as well as in environmental and energy plants.

Azcatec provides services for the basic and detailed engineering, technical assistance, work supervision for facilities and industrial plant construction and commissioning for its clients related to fertilizers and chemical plants with more than 20 years’ experience in engineering works for fertilizers plants, storage of chemical products, process engineering and the design and development of auxiliary systems.

During the last years, AZCATEC has been involved in several R&D projects funded both by the Spanish government and one project under FP7 funding, and other industrial project supporting industrial companies, mainly in the environment and energy fields.

Our experience ranges from scaling-up of processes for new industrialization, process optimization, design, engineering, integration and supervision of the construction of works of pilot plants and industrial plants, intervening in all engineering disciplines: process, civil works, piping, instrumentation and control, electric.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

AZCATEC will be in charge of the design, engineering and construction of the HCL unit to be installed and demonstrated within QSr facilities.

AZCATEC will have thei main contribution in WP5.