All the activities will be supported by coherent and smooth Management and Coordination (by CIRCE as project coordinator), that will provide the necessary tools, methods and governing structure to succeed.

The technical activities will start with the project baseline and use cases characterisation, aiming to consolidate the project baseline and to obtain a deeper understanding on the preconditions that facilitate or hinder the implementation of IS. A Community of Members will be created in each demonstrator together with the working team for the project execution.

Enablers that will facilitate the implementation of IS approaches will be defined in both the Lighthouse and the Follower demonstrators.

Tools and methods for the assessment and monitoring of processes and IS cases will be developed for supporting the technical management of processes for IS interactions, covering the identification of new symbiosis opportunities, the feasibility assessment of these opportunities, development of secure channels for data exchange and the exchanged flows monitoring and countability for on-going interactions.

The development of business and contracting models promoting IS, will aim to improve management and communication mechanisms between the parties involved in a symbiotic case, as well as promoting new models for business and contractual agreements between the parties involved in the a IS case looking to guarantee a fair share of the benefits, minimise the risk of shared management and ownership of services and infrastructure.

The design and development of the technology enabling the IS, and the engineering works will be performed by their commissioning and demonstration under real conditions in the following industries: Escombreras Valley, Höganäs, Brescia.

The guidance and roadmapping for IS uptake in the Follower areas, will then focus on the guidance to the technical and economic assessment of the Follower demonstrators. This will support the mobilisation of local and regional stakeholders with the final aim of elaborating an action plan for each of the followers to guide the technical implementation of the case studied after the project execution.

All the information from the demonstrations will be gathered and analysed to develop Impact assessment and lesson learnt of the demonstrators, which will put in place a monitoring strategy to ensure the correct flow of information and the implementation of the enablers. As a result, main conclusions, final TRL; ERL and MRL, lessons learnt and an inventory of successful cases will be provided, which will be complemented by an impact calculation with a life cycle approach.

Finally, a coherent exploitation strategy and dissemination plan has been put in place.

Boosting exploitation and replication of the project results aims to identify the most appropriate ways for promoting the replication of CORALIS among REIIs sectors. This also comprises the development the IPR and exploitation strategy for the project solutions.

Communication and dissemination aims to reach, engage and train the widest possible community through various channels and instruments.