Confindustria Brescia


Brief Description

Industrial Confindustria Brescia was founded on April 14th 1897 and represents the industrial and service sectors in the province of Brescia.

Confindustria Brescia now brings together about 1.300 companies (most of them small and medium-sized enterprises) operating in different sectors and employing a labour force of about 67.000 people. The main mission of Confindustria Brescia is to support entrepreneurial culture, in order to promote the development of the area.

Main objectives of Confindustria Brescia are:

  • to encourage the spreading of entrepreneurial culture in order to develop the local economy through the promotion of innovation, the high quality of products and the improvement of production processes;

  • to pursue sustainable growth of industrial activities by providing assistance, consulting and training courses to firms;

  • to develop competitiveness and the international aspect of industry in the area of Brescia;

  • to assist the growth of employment and enhance the qualification of the workforce through training courses;

  • to strengthen interaction with local institutions and trade unions in order to develop the industrial framework of the province of Brescia along with the competitiveness of all firms.

The Association, with all its various operational areas, offers services in crucial areas for entrepreneurial activities such as relations with Trade Unions, Human resources management, Labor standards and norms, Communication and media relations, Education, Credit and finance, Internationalization, Tax and company law, Information about the association’s sectors and protection of industrial and commercial property rights, Innovation, Energy, Safety and Environment issues.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

According to its proper mission, between activities of Confindustria Brescia during the execution of the project, it will develop networking activities between the partners and other potential stakeholders and the rest of actions, and dissemination of information during the development of the project, at the specific milestones and at the end, in order to maximize the impact of the results on the industrial sector particularly in the Province of Brescia.

This last task will be accomplished using all the information capability of the Association, its communication media, and through the continuous relations with the associated firms.