Fertiberia S.A


Brief Description

FERTIBERIA, S.A. is the second largest Spanish capital company in the chemical sector, has a highly sound balance structure, upon which Grupo FERTIBERIA’s expansion is based. FERTIBERIA is the largest fertilizer company from the Mediterranean Arc.

Furthermore, FERTIBERIA is a member of BBI (Bio-Based Industries) Consortium, Fertilizers Europe (European Fertilizers Producers Association) and IFA (International Fertilizers Producers Association) among other international and national associations.

FERTIBERIA produces the most comprehensive range of intermediate and finished products. It produces solid and liquid simple and complex fertilizers, thus covering all the needs of today’s farmers, providing them with fertilizers for large-scale unirrigated crops and crops using traditional and drip irrigation methods, regardless of their weather and soil conditions.

Due to the diversity of agriculture products developed in Spain as a consequence of the peculiar climatological diversify in the different Spanish regions, the fertilizers sector in Spain is the most varied and acts as a testing laboratory for the different news products developed all over Europe.

This is a real challenge for FERTIBERIA, that continuously develops new products adapted to new needs and fertilization applications developing.

The diversification policy fostered in recent years has allowed for strong growth and an increasingly relevant presence in other chemical sectors not related to agriculture. Industrial products currently represent 38% of FERTIBERIA’s revenue and 44% of the Group’s revenue.

Thus, FERTIBERIA’s presence in other industrial sectors as a supplier of raw materials to other large companies in diverse industries grows every day. The activities in the ammonia and derivatives industry, in which the Group is one of the main operators around the world, must be noted.

Furthermore, FERTIBERIA is the only primary manufacturer of the AdBlue solution in Spain and one of the main manufacturers in the European Union.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

  • To demonstrate an alternative process for the production of Potassium Nitrate that enables FTIB to reduce waste water, mother liquor, water consumption and energy that will help the Industrial complex to manage water resources, fundamentally in an area where water is a scarce resource. (Water management, Energy efficiency).

  • To recover a by-product which is wasted in the state of the art of Potassium Nitrate production, using an innovative process that will be tested in a pilot plant and patented. (CIRCULAR ECONOMY)

  • To integrate raw materials and by-products in the Fertiberia Group and the industrial complex, reducing natural resources consumptions, energy and wastes. Consequently, reducing CO2 emissions in the industrial complex and in Fertiberia Group. (CO2 emissions reduction, Circular Economy)

  • To carry out a Study for renewable energy production for the industrial complex, including in this Study provide energy to the Desalinisation plant in the complex. (Renewable ENERGY, CO2 emissions reduction)

  • To adapt the current process control and procedures to ensure the production of a quality product as well as health and safety conditionsosal. (RETROFEETING)

FERTIBERIA will participate in the project in the tasks related to the products from DEMO plant, analysis, market study and scaling. FERTIBERIA will lead WP5- and collaborate in WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP9.