Brief Description

A company rooted in territory and which at the same time outlines the fortunes of Made in Italy in the times of globalization. A family business that in four generations has been able to move from creative craftsmanship to serial and industrial production specialized, up to reach a configuration from a real holding in the components sector mechanical, with a strong vertical integration and an important positioning in the international market, so much be able to become part of the top five foundries in Europe producing raw and machined brake discs for automotive.

It is in this highly innovative and highly competitive sector that Fonderia di Torbole has known achieve excellence goals, placing them on a quantitative and qualitative development line and updating.

Organizational structure still in progress, such as the establishment of the Holding EF Group which includes the Foundry and machining department of Torbole, Pilenga Baldassarre Foundry in Lallio and the Fond-Stamp of Cuneo, now formally entered within the perimeter of the group.

A group of foundries with a turnover of 150 million in 2018: 100 in Torbole Casaglia, 25 in Lallio and 25 in Cuneo, and with almost 600 employees: 440 in Torbole, 80 in Cuneo and 95 in Lallio.

There are a total of 40 milions investments in five years. Today the group is diversified in production, vertical in structure and in organization, fully internationalized in the projection on the markets (over 65% of production is intended for export and distributed among eight large customers) and looks at the world scenario.

On 09/13/2018 it was Fonderia di Torbole Srl established, to which the business branch of the Fonderia di Torbole Spa was transferred, with deed of sale of 11/23/2018. The operation was carried out for the purpose of a greater development of the group.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

Fonderia di Torbole will be involved in two lines of materials recovery in the frame of circula economy and industrial symbiosis:

1. Recovery of metals from powders from powders from foundry casting shot blasting

The powder obtained from shot blasting operations is a mixture of oxides (mainly silica) and metal powders. This material is currently a waste (the code attribution is CER 10.09.12. according to standard international regulation).

The annual amount is about 4.000kt, with a metal content ranging from 20%-40%. Due to the low grain size of the material, both separation between oxide and metallic phase is difficult, and also subsequent handling operations in the foundry plant are difficult.

Within this project the optimization of the separation phase, based on density and magnetic properties will be implemented. In order to allow the handling of the metallic powders a briquetting stage will be studied and applied.

2. Biochar utilization as fossili coal substituteb

Foundry process requires also a relevant amount of fossil coal. Metallurgical coke is currently used. In order to replace a fraction of this coke, the following activities will be carried out:

  • Analysis of available biogenic materials; residues from gasification plant have been individuated as suitable materials

  • Materials characterizations

  • Analysis of the injection system into the furnace

  • Definition of plant control logics

  • Industrial trials