Höganäs AB


Brief Description

Höganäs AB is a world leader in the iron and metal powder industry and the business concept is to develop, manufacture and market iron and non-ferrous metal powders. Höganäs has reached its position through a devoted and continuous effort in research and development of metal powders but also metal powder applications.

Today Höganäs’ products range from reduced iron powders to gas atomised nickel and cobalt powders over various types of gas and water atomised steel powders. The most important customers are to be found in the powder metallurgy, welding, chemical and metallurgical industries.

Main production site is located in the town Höganäs in southern Sweden. Höganäs head office and R&D, with about 120 research engineers and technicians, is located in Höganäs. Please visit the website (www.hoganas.com) for more information.

Höganäs vision is to enable industry to make more with less. Metal powder technology provides endless opportunities; not only does it enable customers to reduce their material and energy consumption, but it also helps them use new and better techniques that make final products more efficient and less expensive.

In short, metal powders are a resource-efficient alternative, suitable for many industries – a contribution to a sustainable world.

The Höganäs site in the eponymous town is the anchor industry in the demonstration. It also the largest facility in the Höganäs group. Höganäs also has facilities elsewhere in Sweden as well as Belgium, Germany, USA, Canada, Brazil, India, Korea, Japan and China.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

Höganäs will provide surplus heat and CO2 from the production of metal powders to a symbiotic cooperation with greenhouses, fishfarms and similar. Höganäs will provide necessary information on availability, quality, constraints and possibilities with respect to surplus heat and CO2 for system design.

Höganäs will be responsible for detailed design of equipment and control system directly connected to the industrial processes and for evaluation of concepts and pilot installation for CO2-separation.

Höganäs will assist in overall system design and participate in development of commercial models to make the overall solution possible. Finally, Höganäs will operate equipment for the cooperation located on the industrial site.

Höganäs will manly be involved in WP6: Demonstration activities in Höganäs. In all tasks of this WP, Höganäs will be responsible for the heat and flue gas capture from Höganäs’ processes, for localisation of facilities for CO2 separation and for the supply of utilities to the separation system.