Incro, S.A.


Brief Description

Founded in 1975, INCRO is an engineering company that develops and licenses processes for Fertilizers and Waste Water Treatments.

INCRO is the world leader on Granulation Technologies for manufacture many different fertilizers, like DAP/NPK/TSP/SSP/CAN, having more than 150 references of industrial plants designed all over the world.

Waste water engineering division, Incro Water, is focused on industrial wastewater treatment, and has achieved efficient and economical solutions to environmental problems in sectors as diverse as automotive, biodiesel, metalworking, chemical and food industry and landfills.

INCRO´s patented Mechanical Vapor Compression and Atmospheric Evaporation Technologies have been successfully implemented all over the world.

INCRO´s, continuous investment in R&D&I, has resulted over the years in new technologies and improvements in its own existing processes, licences and patents, alone or together with other companies such as Fertiberia.

INCRO participates in Coralis Project, developing, designing and commissioning the new Potassium Nitrate Plant to be installed at Escombreras site.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

INCRO will be on charge of work packages related to the development of the new process technology for the demonstration plant.

That means, the development of the new invention at demonstration scale, based in both its own technology and associated parties know-how, becoming the world licensing leader for those technologies in the fertilizer field.

Also, INCRO will collaborate in the dissemination of the new technology results, its positive implications in an Industrial Cluster, mainly regarding water use and waste water managing.

INCRO is very active in the Asian and Arabic fertilizer market, where water is one of the main issues. This project dissemination in that area can be very helpful for those countries.