Brief Description

K1-MET is the Austrian COMET Competence Centre for Excellent Technologies in Advanced Metallurgical and Environmental Process Development and is driven by the Austrian steel industry.

K1-MET is essential to the continuation of the prolonged successful track record of the Austrian steel and processing industry to make it more competitive, sustainable and lead to economic growth.

Main locations of the K1-MET centre are Linz and Leoben, where also the key players of metallurgy and research are located. Approximately 60 people are employed at K1-MET.

K1-MET has e.g. the following core competence:

  • Know how to optimize process chains within the steel mill.

  • Design and operation of metallurgical and chemical laboratory and pilot plants.

  • Extensive knowledge about process gases and it´s usage within the steel mill as well as its recycling.

  • Modelling and simulation to develop and optimize metallurgical and chemical processes.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

Contribute to study all the technical, managerial, business, and legal issues of a use case on the symbiotic valorisation of renewable hydrogen at the industrial park in Linz with the predominating players BOREALIS and VOESTALPINE.