Brief Description

Founded in 1933, it developed into an electric furnace steel mill to produce continuous casting billets and hot rolled wire rod, bars in coils and alloy steel bars for special applications in the automotive sector, such as: nuts and bolts, suspension springs, torsion bars, steering components and mechanics in general.

It is also fitted with installations for annealing and tempering thermal treatments.

The company is equipped with:

  • EAF consteel for 85t

  • LF for secondary metallurgy (2)

  • Vacuum degassing station VOD

  • Continuous casting with 5 strand from 140x140mm to 200x200mm

  • Hot rolling mill (bars/bars in coils/wire rod)

  • Straightening and controls lines (3)

  • Annealing furnace:(12) bell for wire rod, continuous for wire rod (1) and bars (1)

  • Q&T treatment for bars (2)

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

Ori Martin is involved in activity aimed at materials recovery. More specifically, Ori Martin will receive residues rich in metal powders which can be recovered in steel production process as substitute of iron alloys, saving raw materials.

The powder before utilization must be densified in briquettes. Ori will rent an industrial briquetting machine and in cooperation with CSM will define the briquetting process and correct blends and will produce briquettes (50-100t) for industrial trials.

Industrial trials with recovery of materials will be carried out and the substitution rate with virgin iron alloyrs will be evaluated Moreover EAF dusts rich in ZnO will be delivered to Feralpi for some tests aimed at ZnO recovery