Brief Description

Raffmetal, member of Fondital Group since 1979, is a leading European manufacturer of aluminium alloys for remelting, made from recycled material. The company is world-renowned for its excellence and dynamism.

Raffmetal, located in Valsabbia, a valley 40 km in the north-east of Brescia, has various production units covering a total of 145,000 m2 with 76,800 m2 indoor yard.

The company, with the UNI EN ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 Certificate and a high production capacity, aims at offering to his customers a high quality and reliable product.

With over thirty years of experience, Raffmetal meets nowadays all market requirements providing customized products and paying particular attention to the environmental safeguard.

Raffmetal produces 250.000 ton/y of secondary Aluminium alloys, starting from scarps as raw material. The circular economy is a main target, and the company wants to reduce and, if possibile, cut out all the external disposals of the residues coming from the pre-treatment processes of the Aluminium scraps.

The Raffmetal intention focuses on the idea of internally process these residues with the goal of recover energy and all metal fractions, reducing at the same time the environmental impact.

The production of secondary Al alloys is carried out starting from materials residues containing relevant amount of organic species (plastic, rubber, resins..) after the first stage of selection a waste rich in organic matter, but with significant amount of metals inside is obtained

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

Raffmetal has their major contribution in the WP7, where they will realize the testing and installation of a pyrolysis unit.