Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e di Perfezionamento Sant’Anna


Brief Description

Participant description and specific skills:

The Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (SSSA), founded in 1967, is an autonomous, special-statute, public research university operating in the field of applied sciences, i.e. law, medicine, agriculture, engineering, political science, economics and management.

The aim of the SSSA is to: offer high-quality undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education; promote the development of cultural, scientific and technological research, and innovation; assure the continuous interaction between research and education.

The SSSA consists of 8 research institutes and the project will be carried out by the Sustainability Management group (SUM) of the Institute of Management.


The mission of the Sustainability Management group is to combine the knowledge of business management and policy making with the principles of sustainability, through scientific research and empirical investigations on: Corporate Sustainability Management, Environmental Management, Resource Efficiency Management.

The goal of SUM is to blend managerial and technical expertise in the promotion of sustainability principles. Our partners are both private and public organizations, interested in integrating sustainability in their strategies.

SUM researches are focused on many topics about environmental management as (for instance):

  • Environmental Management Systems and cluster approach for environmental improvement

  • Industrial ecology and Eco-industrial Parks

  • Energy efficiency strategies

  • Environmental Innovation and Green Technologies

  • Ecosystem services in a governance and business perspective

  • Life-Cycle Assessment and Product Environmental Footprint

  • Market assessment and multicriteria evaluation of green technologies

  • Public – Private Partnership

  • Waste management and policies

  • Science/technology innovation systems

The Institute of Management -SUM area- coordinates and participates in National, European and International projects on environmental management. These projects are funded by European Commission: LIFE programme, MED programme, FP7, HORIZON2020 and others) or national Institutions, Public Administrations as regional or local authorities and private companies.

SSSA was involved in this project by virtue of its consolidated experience in property right management and technology transfer. In fact, the School’s Knowledge Transfer Office determines the most appropriate procedures for leading some results to industrial exploitation for the benefit of the community and businesses.

In particular, this activity has resulted in major and long-established partnerships with businesses and government agencies. Sant’Anna School laboratories and research centers have given rise to numerous spin-off companies and an extensive portfolio of national and international patents, some of which shared with other public and private institutions or licensed to businesses.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

SSSA will lead WP10 in order to facilitate the replication and exploitation of CORALIS approaches through the market analysis and the development of IPR strategy. In addition, SSSA will collaborate to WP 4 offering its support for the identification of business models, contractual agreements and governance mechanism connected to the IS strengthening actions, which will be implemented during the project.

Finally, thanks to the experience already gained within the S-Parcs Project, SSSA will contribute to task 9.2, 9.3 and 9.4 by offering its support in the evaluation of CORALIS business models and management procedures and drawing from the same information useful for driving the WP10.