Türkiye Petrol Rafinerileri Anonim Sirketi


Brief Description

TUPRAS is Turkey’s largest industrial enterprise with 30 million ton crude oil processing capacity and also the 7th biggest refining company in Europe. TUPRAS has around 5000 employees and four refineries operating in four different cities of Turkey, namely, Kocaeli, İzmir, Kırıkkale and Batman.

TUPRAS refineries have a Nelson Complexity Index of 9.5 in average, which is among the highest in Europe. TUPRAS also holds the majority share (79.98 %) of shipping company “DİTAŞ” and 40% share of the petrol retailer company “OPET”, which create synergies and adds value to its operations.

TUPRAS R&D Center was established in 2010 and it is a certified R&D Center, which is given in line with Turkish Law “Supporting Research and Development Activities”. It is evaluated and monitored by Ministry of Industry & Technology.

All R&D activities for four refineries are coordinated by the R&D Center in Kocaeli. TUPRAS R&D campus consists of management building, laboratory building and pilot plant facility.

There are five high-tech laboratories dedicated to R&D studies. Equipped with more than 150 items of equipment, 87 of them intended for analysis, the laboratory is able to employ more than 180 analysis methods.TUPRAS carries out R&D projects in line with the objective of enhancing the characteristics of oil products, developing environmentally friendly products and alternative fuel technologies making use of our skill of developing the most competent technologies in refinery and applying them on the field.

R&D projects at TUPRAS are carried out by eleven teams which all share common goals and which also collaborate with all other refinery teams:

  • Project Management

  • Product Development

  • Modeling & Process Control

  • Algorithm and Software Solution Development

  • Process Development & Optimization

  • Process Analytics and Technology Applications

  • Materials Engineering & Reaction

  • Modeling & Characterization

  • Laboratory & Pilot Plant Facility

  • Catalyst Management & Development

  • Intellectual Property Rights Management

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

Research and some technical analysis will be conducted on how to work in refineries in terms of industrial symbiosis as followers of the industrial demonstration scenario.

By collecting the necessary information, the relationship chain will be evaluated and plans will be made in order to evaluate a waste that comes out of the refinery by another company.