Brief Description

WA3RM develops circular industries, primarily producing food, feed and fuel, operated in a partner model. The “3” in WA3RM is silent; we pronounce as “warm”. The “3R” in WA3RM comes from the energy concept “Responsible, Renewable, Recyclable” of the European Spallation Source ESS, from which WA3RM was formed as a spinoff in mid-2015.

WA3RM’s development concept is called Regenerative Industry Development (RID) and combines industrial waste streams, technological processes and third-party capital to create new industries in which waste resources from industry are the primary input.

An industrial process is deemed to be regenerative when its primary inputs have zero or negative value and it creates sufficient positive value to attract capital.

The process of regenerative industry development can be applied also to each new regenerative industry established, creating multiloop regeneration. To attract the necessary investment, applications must demonstrate sufficient profitability.

It is therefore appropriate to speak of regenerative development, as the result is economic growth while shrinking environmental impact.

WA3RM has worked with Höganäs since 2015 to recycle waste low-grade heat and CO2 to a greenhouse facility to be erected nearby. WA3RM (through a special purpose subsidiary, Regenergy Kullabygden AB) has a long-term contract with Höganäs for the supply of these resources.

Together with partners in the greenhouse business, WA3RM will design, finance and construct a greenhouse supplied with heat and CO2, that will demonstrate the capture of CO2, separation, distribution and use in the greenhouse.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

In a seamless continuation of the leading role in developing the industrial symbiosis in Höganäs, WA3RM will take the roll of work Package Leader for WP6 Demonstration activities in Höganäs.

To facilitate coordination with overall project management and the other work packages, WA3RM will actively participate in the overall project management in WP1, contributing from experience in WP 6.

As the management of this and future IS cases, WA3RM has experience and interest relevant to WP3: Tools and methods for the assessment and monitoring of processes and IS cases, and will therefore actively participate in this WP and similarly in WP4: Development of business and managerial models promoting IS.

WA3RM has a keen interest in independent assessment of the sustainability of the demonstrator project and will therefore contribute to and closely follow WP9: Impact assessment and lesson learnt of the demonstrators.

WA3RM’s business is to create new ‘regenerative’ business projects, meaning that both WP10 – Boosting exploitation and replication of the project results and WP11 – Dissemination, communication and stakeholders’ engagement have direct bearing on WA3RM’s market development activities.