Brief Description

White Research is a social research consulting firm, specializing in consumer behaviour, market analysis and innovation management in the fields of Energy, Circular Economy, Smart Cities, Transport, Agriculture, Transport and their related cross-sectoral technological domains.

The company addresses business strategy, policy, market and user related issues through an array of diverse analytic tools.

More specifically, WR mines and interprets hard-to-grasp consumer and user insights through a combination of modern analytics, marketing research, collective intelligence and evaluation methods, and uses this knowledge in designing efficient actions that put the end-user at the centre of the decision-making process.

Through its core staff, WR has access to significant experience on translating multi-source asymmetric information and complicated analytics into actionable advice and recommendations towards the transferring and application of identified innovations, best practices and policy measures to the different market, social or policy contexts of the case under focus.

WR also specializes in the design and implementation of stakeholder engagement strategies and has acted as a Dissemination and Innovation Manager in many on-going and past H2020 RIA, IA and CSA projects, effectively engaging targeted stakeholders, disseminating project results, and executing business modelling and planning activities.

Moreover, WR possesses valuable know-how and expertise in effectively reaching out to targeted as well as general audiences through the design and implementation of marketing strategies for the widespread adoption of research results and innovations.

Finally, WR has extensive experience in the management of EU-funded research projects. WR Staff has been involved in or supported the management of more than 35 EU-funded projects the last 15 years acting as Coordinators, Innovation and Exploitation Managers, Advisors and Certified Trainers in the field. In addition, WR retains strong linkages to several EU-related interested industrial groups and networks.

Main tasks and responsibilities within the project

The considerable expertise and experience of WR in similar roles in several previous H2020 projects led to its appointment as the WP11 Leader. WR assumes the role of the Dissemination Manager of the project and as such is responsible for the overall dissemination and communication of CORALIS’ activities.

The company will lead T11.1 and T11.2 and will co-define together with the rest of the partners the strategy and plan for dissemination and communication as well as create the project’s visual identity and relative communicational material.

In addition, WR will also leverage its extensive network and strong linkages to several EU-related industrial groups in creating synergies with other projects and funding sources (T11.4 Leader).

Finally, WR, with its social research expertise and business modelling experience will contribute to the project’s baseline and conditions in WP2, as well as in the development of business and managerial models in WP4.