On 5th September 2023, CORALIS participated in the kick-off meeting of the Bio-CCU focused research project “Local synergies for sustainable CO₂ utilization,” led by Linköping University,  to present the project’s work in the Swedish Demo, focusing on the challenges encountered in CO2 recycling for the greenhouse located in Frövi.

One of the central themes of the meeting was the exploration of Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) , also relevant for CORALIS Task 6.6.

The event proved to be highly relevant to CORALIS, offering a unique opportunity to gauge industry perceptions and shared challenges regarding CO2 recirculation. Additionally, the insights gathered from the meeting could significantly benefit CORALIS’s endeavours in CO2 management, while the event also opened doors to potential collaborative initiatives in CCU/CCS, aligning well with CORALIS’s goal of ensuring sustainable CO2 utilization.