CORALIS EU project has now officially joined alliance4ECEI as a member!

The Alliance for Energy Cooperation in European Industries is a collaborative initiative arranged by five European-funded projects working on waste heat recovery and industrial energy cooperation: EMB3Rs, INCUBIS, R-ACES, SoWHat and as of now, CORALIS. These initiatives combine the efforts of 64 unique partners across 18 European countries, which have received a total of €14.5 million in funding.

The collaboration began back in November 2020, with a joint online workshop on waste heat recovery and energy cooperation in European industries, and it consolidated in April 2021, with the signature of a collaboration agreement.

Objectives of the Alliance

  • Enhance the collaboration to boost energy efficiency in European industries.
  • Maximize the impact and improve the quality and the relevance of the outputs generated by each of the projects conforming the alliance.
  • Boost industrial symbiosis as well as waste heat and waste cold recovery and reuse.
  • Contribute to the 2050 goal of zero net carbon emissions.

To find out more about alliance4ECEI click here.