Last week, CORALIS was presented in the 11th International Conference on Industrial Ecology in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Our partner, Linköping University, held three presentations in the conference and one poster session, presenting the outcomes of the work which they have been conducting over the last 2,5 years of project implementation within WP4: Development of business and contracting models promoting IS, which were:

  • Facilitator functions for knowledge sharing during the emergence of IS networks

Authors: Katrin Katana, Besma Glaa, Murat Mirata

  • Business agreements in industrial symbiosis relationships – a categorisation and suggestions for practice and research

Authors: Murat Mirata, Katrin Katana, Mikael Ottosson

  • A business value framework for industrial symbiosis

Authors: Murat Mirata, Axel Lindfors, Marianna Lena Kambanou

  • Pricing in industrial symbiosis: Challenges and solutions

Authors: Marianna Lena Kambanou, Murat Mirata

In these presentations and poster session, the frameworks and tools that can help practitioners and academics understand and write business agreements in Industrial Symbiosis (IS), estimate the business value of the IS exchange and price IS solutions were presented. Moreover, the functions that facilitators have in IS was elaborated upon.

For more details please refer to CORALIS deliverables below, which will be uploaded on the relevant section of thee website, once they are approved.

D4.1 Overview of criteria and mechanism for product/services pricing settlement

D4.2 Reference documents, good practices and templates to sustain legal environments for IS cases

D4.3 Overview of data exchange channels and their implementation