WP6 objectives

The overall objective of WP6 is to bring into full operation a full-scale 10-hectare greenhouse, supplied with low temperature waste heat from a pulp and paper mill, thereby demonstrate the physical industrial symbiosis, as well as a business model, between involved parties, including the anchor industry, the enabling intermediary WA3RM, the greenhouse grower, financers and the local community. Exploration of CCU to supply the greenhouse with CO2 from the anchor industry, as well the use of carbon in other form than CO2 will also be carried out.

WP6 current status

We have finished the installation and commissioning phase of the project and are now demonstrating and monitoring the physical facility and business.

WP6 next steps

Demonstrating the industrial symbiosis in Frövi includes:

  • Continual technical monitoring of the systems and implementing adjustments and improvements.
  • The economic management of the special purpose business units and the transactions between the partners as regulated in the business model.
  • Take time for visitors to the facility and presentations of how the industrial symbiosis works in practice.

This has developed into a commercial activity that will continue even after CORALIS and together with the local authorities we will continue to use the lighthouse in Frövi as a place where different stakeholder groups can visit and learn more about industrial symbiosis and circular businesses.