The activities in Brescia have officially started! All partners involved in the demonstration activities gathered and presented their ideas and vision for the implementation of activities of CORALIS in Italy. The fruitful discussion mainly included the elaboration of the common actions to achieve the ambitious objectives.

The overall objective of these activities is to demonstrate a regional level industrial symbiosis case among cross-sectorial companies in Brescia, enabling the recovery of industrial materials to be used as alternative feedstock and therefore reducing the current landfilling ratio in Brescia.

Specific objectives of the activities:

  • To characterise the interaction among companies and their involved processes
  • To develop and implement key technologies for the recovery of metal wastes
  • To design and perform adaptations for the utilization of the new alternative resources
  • To decrease the quantity of industrial materials being disposed in landfills
  • To analyse the potential for further waste reduction and utilization of waste heat