Things are getting started with the activities in Höganäs!

A sneak-peek from today’s kick-off meeting where all partners presented their ideas and decided on a common roadmap for the future actions and next steps.

The main goal of the demonstration activities in Höganäs is to bring into full operation a full-scale greenhouse, supplied with waste heat and CO2 from Höganäs thereby demonstrating CCU enabled with waste heat.

The facility will demonstrate the physical industrial symbiosis of sharing CO2 and heat, as well as the business model between involved parties, including the anchor industry Höganäs, the enabling intermediary WA3RM, the greenhouse grower and financiers. The business model includes valuation and pricing of the resources and related services as well as the financing model.

Specific objectives:

  • Develop and implement a re-usable system model that enables evaluation of resource flows, primarily waste heat and CO2 and optimisation of the system for recycling and utilisation
  • Design, engineer and build a system including heat and CO2 capture, optimisation of interfaces between heat and CO2 recovery, CO2 separation, distribution and delivery systems and systems for storage and balancing of supply and use
  • In collaboration with greenhouse grower partner, manage the design, engineering, financing and construction of the greenhouse
  • Operate the combined system for three years, ensuring access to monitoring data for demonstration purposes
  • Report progress and learnings to contribute to dissemination and improvement