On Friday 27th of February, the BIORECOVER final event will bring together diverse stakeholders from the scientific, industrial, and policy spheres to discuss and enhance the impact of BIORECOVER across scientific, societal, economic, and technological dimensions. Participants will gain insights into the potential of biomining technologies, contributing to the sustainable development of the mining and metals industry in Europe and beyond.

The event intends to foster collaboration among researchers, industry players and policy makers while addressing the challenges and opportunities posed by biomining technologies. It seeks to facilitate knowledge exchange, foster collaboration and bridge the gap between scientific advancements, industry practices and policy frameworks.

The event will have three main sessions:

-The initial session will focus on conveying the results and outcomes of the BIORECOVER initiative, offering stakeholders a comprehensive overview of the biomining findings achieved within the project.

-Following this, a dedicated roundtable on research will delve into key questions such as the advantages of biomining over traditional methods, challenges in upscaling biotechnological mining technologies and the potential expansion of biomining solutions beyond mining waste.

-The third and final roundtable will pivot towards industry and policy-making, addressing critical topics such as the impact of the Critical Raw Materials Act on the European mining and metals industry. The discussion will touch upon the policies required to address environmental challenges associated with mining waste in Europe and globally, and the strategies employed by the European metal industry to decarbonize while maintaining economic competitiveness.



11:00 AM CET – Lessons learned from BIORECOVER

Speaker: Cristina Martínez CETIM – Project Coordinator

1:00 PM CET – Roundtable on Research Initiatives towards Sustainable Mining

Speakers: Toni Dorado – Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Agathe Hubau – BRGM, Filipe Calvao / Simon Lobach – Graduate Institute Geneva

Moderator: Cristina Martínez / Pablo Frieiro – CETIM – Project Coordinator

2:15 PM CET – Roundtable on Industrial and Policy Challenges

Speakers: Daniel Cios – DG GROW, Aurela Shtiza – IMA Europe, Kamila Slupek – Eurometaux

Moderator: Sam Whittlesey – LGI

3:15 pm CET – Final remarks and closure

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