CORALIS is already ‘running’ for 7 months now, and the members of the Steering Committee (SC) e-gathered on 28 April 2021 for the second time to discuss the project’s progress.

For each Work Package (WP) and Task, partners presented the key findings so far, discussed on challenges in the implementation and set an action plan with the tasks for the upcoming period.

The next period will include several activities for the demosites;

At WP 2, Project baseline and use cases characterization, an in house evaluation of the demo case questionaires is taking place with literature review on IS success and deterrent factors.

WP 3, Tools and methods for the assessment and monitoring of processes and IS cases, has started a few days ago and will run until the end of the project (Month 45), developing a platform development for enhancement & assessment of IS development.

The activities related to the Lighthouse activities have all started for a few months, whereas the WP regarding the Guidance for the Follower areas has started this month.

Finally, the actions of communication, dissemination and exploitation & replication of results have started at the very beginning of the project.

Below you can see the Agenda of the meeting:

  • 11:25 – 11.30 Connect
  • 30 – 11.45 WP2 (LEADER: CIRCE)
  • 45 – 12.00 WP3 (LEADER: CIRCE)
  • 10 – 12.25 WP5 (LEADER: FTIB)
  • 25 – 12.40 WP6 (LEADER: HOGANAS)
  • 40 – 12.55 WP7 (LEADER: CSM)
  • 55 – 13.05 WP8 (LEADER: EI-JKU)
  • 05 – 13.20 WP10 (LEADER: SSSA)
  • 20 – 13.35 WP11 (LEADER: WR)
  • 35 – 13.50 WP1 (LEADER: CIRCE)
  • 50 – 14:00 Conclusions and AOB