On September 15, 2022, CORALIS and its partner projects under the Alliance for Energy Cooperation in European Industries (Alliance4ECEI) organized an online webinar as part of the European Sustainable Energy Days on “Digital tools as enablers of more efficient energy consumption in industrial waste heat/cold recovery”.

About 35 industrial stakeholders discussed the drivers and obstacles to better harnessing waste heat from industry for other industrial processes or for district heating.

Aksena Krasatsenka, Head of Knowledge Transfer at Euroheat & Power reminded attendants that more than 25% of heat demand at EU level could be covered by industrial heat/cold recovery, a potential that remains largely untapped. One of the main obstacles identified is to match waste heat production and demand.

Asier Zubero, from CORALIS implementing partner SIDENOR, presented the thermal storage battery system developed by Energynest to harvest the 300-400°C continuous heat from one of the furnaces, thus recovering up to 45.000 MwH/year and ultimately avoiding 8.500 t/year CO2 emissions.

Other Alliance4ECEI partners presented the digital tools developed to facilitate the development of the value chain, including better information about best practices,  the various technologies and their financial implications, and legal aspects of heat exchange agreements. Speakers highlighted the unprecedented opportunity of the current energy crisis to bolster industry and local governments’ efforts to scale up waste heat recovery, for instance through local heating planning processes, stressing the key brokerage role of local authorities in facilitating IS.

The presentations will be available on the Alliance’s website https://www.alliance4ecei.eu/