The “Industrial Symbiosis vision in the Italian industrial sector” workshop, organized by RINA Consulting- CSM, was successfully completed online on 23rd November 2021.

The workshop was attended by 39 participants, mainly industry and scientific community stakeholders, but also by other groups, such as policy makers.

As part of the CORALIS project activities, the workshop aimed at explaining what industrial symbiosis is, as well as providing an overview of the regulatory frameworks around it. Overall, the workshop’s goal was to establish a basis for a common industrial symbiosis vision in Italy, in order to motivate local stakeholders, increase their engagement and receive their input.

The event was held in Italian language to allow a greater participation of local stakeholders. Overall the workshop provided participants with valuable insights and sparked vibrant discussions around the region’s industrial symbiosis potential and future steps.

Below, you can review the workshop’s agenda:

10:00    Greetings by Confindustria Brescia and RINA Consulting – CSM

Filippo Schittone – CEO of Confindustria Brescia

Filippo Cirilli – RINA Consulting – CSM (Deputy Manager)

10:10    Introduction to the event – UE Coralis Project

Riccardo Monaci – Confindustria Brescia

10:25    The Observatory for Circular Economy: future perspectives and first results

Giorgio Gallina – Regione Lombardia

10.40    From white slags to new sustainable raw materials

Laura Treccani – CSMT

10:55    Potential of industrial symbiosis for wastes recovery in the Province of Brescia

Reza Vahizadeh, Ehsan Liaghati – Università degli Studi di Brescia

11:10    Recovery of plastics as recarburiser in steelmaking industry 

Loredana Di Sante – CSM – RINA Consulting

11:25    Unconventional solution for valorisation of wastes from wine and olive oil production process – “Creiamo” project

Mentore Vaccari – Università degli Studi di Brescia

11:40    The creation of an environmental accountancy in foundries: ecodesign tool implemented for Assofond (Italian Association of Foundries)

Eleonora Annunziata, Elena Baldereschi – Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

11:55    Industrial Symbiosis and heat recovery

Marco Baresi – Turboden

12:10    Questions and answers – Ideas and opportunities