In October 2020, the partners involved in the demonstration site of Escombreras Valley (Fertiberia, Química del Estroncio, CIRCE, INCRO, Azcatec) had their initial meeting to organise the workplan for the next months, towards the achievement of the main goal this Lighthouse, aiming to readapt the current production processes in QSr (nitrate, carbonate and sulphate salts) and replace imported raw materials with those from the rest of the companies that form part of the industrial complex.

The objectives that are pursued with this initiative, within the framework of the Coralis project, are:

  • The reduction of discharges from the entire complex and the improvement in the management of common infrastructures.
  • The reduction of CO2 emissions from the Química del Estroncio plant, which belongs to the Fertiberia Group, and, therefore, from the business park.
  • Reducing the import of raw materials and water consumption at a local level and at the level of the industrial group.
  • The design and commissioning of the CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) plant to maximise production efficiency and decarbonisation of energy in the industrial area. CSP will produce high-pressure steam and store thermal energy in molten salts from Química del Estroncio to cover the energy needs of the plant and, in addition, will produce mechanical energy for the desalination plant of the Escombreras industrial complex.


Author: Rocío Dominguez Ruiz De Castro, Fertiberia