The Skills Alliance for Industrial Symbiosis (SPIRE-SAIS) project, in cooperation with Sidenor and the CORALIS project are organising a workshop on “European-Regional Skills Adjustment in the Basque Country“, focusing on vocational training for Industrial Symbiosis and Energy Efficiency. The long-term goal is to exploit training potentials for regional industrial locations, with a special focus on Basauri, in conjunction with European support through SPIRE-SAIS.

The workshop aims to showcase the outcomes of the SPIRE-SAIS project, shedding light on its significance and implications for the regional landscape. The presentations and discussions will explore the demand for training initiatives in the realm of industrial symbiosis and energy efficiency, examining the strategies being devised to meet these needs effectively.

Central to the workshop will be the role of SPIRE-SAIS in bolstering industrial symbiosis and energy efficiency through competency development. The specific demands and opportunities within the Basque Country will be explored, offering insights into how stakeholders can leverage these findings for tangible impact.

The following main topics are to be developed and discussed in a practice-oriented way, taking into account different perspectives:

  • Requirements of the energy-intensive industries for the regional education and training system
  • Identifying challenges and competence requirements against the background of Industrial Symbiosis and Energy Efficiency and the green transformation.
  • Identifying new learning opportunities and (regional) support structures
  • Orientation towards learning outcomes and less towards formal educational qualifications
  • Improving quantitative and qualitative participation of employees in lifelong learning
  • Developing solutions with the help of the SPIRE-SAIS project
  • Applying the European Skills Alliance at regional level.
  • Presenting the CORALIS project

See here the agenda of this 2,5 hours workshop and register informally by Wednesday 13th of March with an e-mail to