The first workshop of the Turkish demo site, İZMİT, is taking place on Friday 26th November, at 08:00-12:15 CET.

The “Regional Industrial Symbiosis Vision Workshop”, which is going to be held in Turkish language to allow greater participation of local stakeholders, will be moderated by Sustainability and Circular Economy Consultant, Ferda ULUTAŞ İŞEVİ.

The event, organised by IMMIB, will be joined by institutions and organisations interested in Industrial Symbiosis and Circular Economy, who will have the chance to evaluate industrial symbiosis opportunities in Turkey and discuss how to establish a structure with operational integrity in the long term.

The workshop aims to create a common vision and develop new cooperation opportunities in the field of industrial symbiosis, while also targeting different sustainability goals.

Tune in to exchange knowledge, thoughts and concerns around the concept of industrial symbiosis and find common links among different stakeholders.

You can find the agenda of the workshop here.

Please follow this link to join the event