The workshop of IETS Task XXI on Circular Carbon Flows in LCA and Energy System Modeling, which took place on 30th June 2023  brought together stakeholders to explore the opportunities and challenges related to CO2 capture and utilization. The workshop also featured a presentation by WA3RM on behalf of CORALIS, which delved into the nuances of CO2 recycling for the greenhouse located in Frövi, Sweden as well as the ongoing investigations into CCU/CCS within Task 6.6.

Key Objectives of the CORALIS participation in the workshop:

  1. The primary objective of the event was to facilitate the exchange of insights, challenges, and solutions related to CO2 flows. It served as a platform for sharing experiences and lessons learned among participants.
  2. The event held considerable relevance for CORALIS, particularly in understanding how other organizations perceive the challenges associated with CO2 management. Furthermore, it provided valuable insights into best practices and solutions for CO2 recirculation.
  3. While the event was of medium extent concerning direct alignment with CORALIS activities, it remained significant in the broader context. Both the Swedish and Spanish demos under CORALIS are engaged in work related to CO2 recovery. Therefore, this meeting was a valuable opportunity to identify dependable modeling methods for CO2 flows and to uncover technical solutions that contribute positively to social-ecological systems.

In summary, the IETS Task XXI event served as a valuable platform for information sharing, enabling CORALIS and its stakeholders to gain fresh perspectives on the challenges and solutions pertaining to CO2 capture and utilization. The insights gathered are expected to further enhance the project’s contributions to sustainable practices in social-ecological systems.