Publishable Summary:
This deliverable aimed to present the results of the market analysis of the technologies and solutions that will be implemented by three ‘lighthouse’ and three ‘follower’ demo cases engaged in the development of industrial symbiosis within the CORALIS project.
The deliverable identifies and describes, with respect to the various technologies and solutions identified in each CORALIS demo cases, what the reference market is, to provide useful elements for defining the conditions of future developments for these technologies/solutions in the market according to an industrial symbiosis perspective. After a preliminary overview of the different nature of technologically advanced solutions, the market analysis focuses on the technological development trends by highlighting the degree of association with technological solutions and the potential characteristics of the markets of reference in terms of the main drivers and barriers (e.g., economic, political, managerial, and regulatory). The market analysis conducted so far has been updated and integrated in M24 and M36. The first updated versions (in M24) grasped elements that can be integrated into the market analysis in terms of synergies and peculiarities associated with the industrial symbiosis (through interviews with actors/companies in the CORALIS pilots and in other processes of industrial symbiosis outside CORALIS project). Then, the second update (in M36) aimed to better outline any facilitating and inhibiting factors of the potential markets for CORALIS solutions (through a questionnaire survey aimed at potential users of such solutions). The results of deliverable 10.1 will feed the development of strategies and approaches for the exploitation and replicability of CORALIS solutions as required by tasks 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4 and related deliverables.

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