Publishable Summary: This deliverable aimed to present the results of the exploitation plan and the intellectual property protection (IPR) strategy of the technologies and solutions that will be implemented by three ‘lighthouse’ and three ‘follower’ demo cases engaged in the development of industrial symbiosis within the CORALIS project. The deliverable identifies and describes, with respect to the various technologies and solutions identified in each CORALIS demo cases, potential Key Exploitable Results (KERs) and the strategy for exploiting the results deriving from the industrial symbiosis processes developed in the CORALIS project. Furthermore, this deliverable provides elements for the evaluation of the IPR aspects of these results, describing the role played by the different partners with respect to the results.
The analysis conducted so far will be updated and integrated in M48. The updated version will grasp elements that can be integrated into the analysis in terms of more precise information about synergies and hot spots for exploiting the solutions. Furthermore, through useful workshops we will guide the demo cases toward reflections and important decisions on the IPR strategy that will be integrated in M48 version. The results of deliverable 10.2 is fed by deliverable 10.1 (market analysis information) and will be useful for tasks 10.3 and 10.4 and related deliverables.