Publishable summary:

This report demonstrates an overview of the CORALIS website which was created as a key part of the dissemination, awareness, and communication approach of the project. The website launched in month 4 of the project (January 2021) and will be provide ongoing information flow to the public over the lifetime of the project as well as after the end of the project.

The website promotes the effective dissemination of results and findings throughout the duration of the project but also works as a communication platform to assist the coordination of the project and its activities. An individual domain has been acquired to host the website while the CORALIS website is available online and can be accessed at

Within the design phase of the website, perspectives from both specialized and non-specialized visitors have been considered in order to develop the interface. The website will be the main communication tool for the project, where all the dissemination materials will be published in a timely manner. The website is an interactive environment that will give access to all the publishable development of CORALIS. It will give a very direct link to the main results and to the hottest project news.

Besides, this website gives a link to the objectives, partnership, activities, and events related with the project, and it is planned to give access to all the aspects regarding the new technologies, best practices and recommendations for energy efficiency gathered from the project development. Moreover, direct link to the project intranet is available from the homepage. Contributions from the partners will be highly important to maintain the project’s website updated, in order to improve the website positioning in search engines and to reflect an active attitude to Internet users. In addition, partners are asked to link their website and platforms to the website of CORALIS project. In this sense, a SEO positioning analysis will be performed to ensure higher visibility in web search engines.

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