Publishable summary:

This deliverable aims to address the ethics issues which may raise due to related activities within
CORALIS project. CORALIS activities involve the following processes, during which possible harm
to the environment may occur:

• The project will develop three demonstrators at three different industrial parks, in the field of
CO2 capture and use, recovery and valorisation of industrial waste, waste heat recovery
and integration of renewable energy sources.
• All the demonstrated processes will use elements which may cause harm to the environment
and humans, e.g. by dealing with contaminated wastewater, presence of harmful substances,
notably NOx (harmful to plants) and CO (harmful to humans), wastes containing metals and
metal oxides and CO2 emissions.

Partners directly involved with these processes clarify in this document the measures in place to
mitigate possible related risks. These partners are: FTIB, QSR, AZCATEC, HOGANAS, CSM, ORI,

In this regard, potential risks and hazards have been identified for the processes involved in the
different demo cases and actions have been put in place to prevent risk. The associated regulation
has been followed and necessary measures have been implemented to guarantee the safety of the
personnel involved, the facilities and the environment. The effectiveness of these actions will be
closely monitored along the project.