Publishable summary:

This deliverable has elaborated a more detailed insight on the industrial symbiosis readiness scales originally included in the application. Consequently, six readiness levels perspectives are proposed for monitoring and follow-up: technology and integration readiness level, business readiness level, organisational readiness level, legal and ethical readiness level, societal readiness level and environmental readiness level.
The deliverable has also defined the main variables to be monitored and/or calculated for measuring the progress of the industrial symbiosis demonstration activities and analyse the project main results in later parts of the CORALIS project. For each of the demo site, they are divided into Key Resource Indicators (KRIs) and Key Environmental Indicators (KEIs), reflecting the advancement towards environmental and resource efficiency performance objectives, and Key Performance Attributes (KPA), which are dedicated to connecting the process performance with aspects such as costs, production rates and quality. General KPIs that can be used for industrial symbiosis are found in Annex I-III. The use of the KPIs for the ISRL assessment above is also suggested.

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