Publishable Summary: The objective of CORALIS work package 3 is to develop the monitoring/virtual assessment as well as the data gathering platforms of the project, based on novel tools and methodologies to support the identification and the feasibility assessment of IS cases and facilitate the management, monitoring and accounting of the energy, material and waste flows of the IS, increasing transparency among the involved industries.
Specifically, Task 3.4 “Development/enhancement of secure communication and data sharing channels” has as outcome the development and deployment of an Internet of Things (IoT) platform that will facilitate the connectivity of all the sites with the cloud-based components of the platform. The IoT platform will support the virtual assessment platform, to be developed in Task 3.5. to enable the evaluation and simulation of Industrial Symbiosis Systems. It will also be related to the Knowledge repository developed in Task 4.3.
The IoT platform facilitates the communication between IoT devices, collect and process data generated and provide a user-friendly environment for users to manage devices and data. The system comprises two architectural layers: the data management layer and the integration layer.
The IoT platform is ready to integrate each of the solutions provided by each lighthouse. At the time of submission of this report, an initial validation for each solution has been implemented and the work continues until the endo of the project.