Publishable Summary: In the framework of Task 4.3 of CORALIS H2020 project, an easy-to-use common digital platform was developed by ICCS, based on the research conducted by LiU on communication structures in developing and implementing IS synergies, on literature and existing cases of relevant digital tools and on user needs collected by several stakeholders. This platform will be used like an information hub for CORALIS demo cases and IS knowledge of all over Europe, as a test bed to come to recommendations in the future, as an interest and usefulness tool to boost legal agreements and long-term commitments, as a digital online community to bring stakeholders together, exchange knowledge, expertice and experience and create and facilitate IS practices and synergies. The actual platform can be found in:, it supports the internal community of CORALIS projects, but the main vision is to support after the project new users and communities, towards the IS, circularity and sustainability.