Publishable summary:
Objectives and progress status
The basic Engineering of the new KNO3 plant based on ion exchange mobile resins is finished, after scaling up from a pilot plant to the Demo plant Capacity. INCRO has finished Material Balance, P&ID and main equipment design but materials definition is still under reconsideration due to prices increase at the submission if this deliverable.
Difficulties found
Demo scaled-up capacity was a challenge that has been resolved. Instrumentation for measuring and online controlling concentrations along the ion exchange equipment is not resolved yet. Main equipment material is under reconsideration due to dramatic price increase. Some instruments are under reconsideration since they are manufactured in Ukraine.
Action plan and partners responsibilities for the following months
Fertiberia, INCRO & QSr continue working with equipment suppliers to assure the feasibility of designs and alternative materials and are working together with instrument suppliers and testing different solutions.
General Performed activities (M2-M18)
Pilot plant data collecting.
Data reconciliation and scale up to Demo plant capacity.
Design of main equipment.
Demo Plant material balance, P&ID and Basic Engineering.
Plant instrumentation definition and design.
Plant installation definition and plot plan.
Construction of equipment and instrumentation (Not Started).
Demo plant design
Demo Plant material balance
Demo plant P&ID
Demo plot plan