Summary Report: This report focuses on the calculations, design, and construction of a pilot plant with the objective to simulate at small and isolated scale a novel process for Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) concentration. This process will allow to recover Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) from the wastewater and to concentrate HCl by-product to get it in the form of commercial HCl (30% weight) and Ca salts (calcium sulfate and carbonate) in Escombreras demo-site. In this report the problems and barriers found during Task 5.3 are explained as well as the solutions applied.
Prior to starting the design of the pilot plant, laboratory tests have been performed in order to assess the data used for the design and the selected construction materials. These tests were based on theoretical calculations of chemical equilibria that will be detailed in this report and calculation results of the mentioned tests can be found in Annex 5.1. Also, calculation results from laboratory tests using Pitzer method are included in Annex 5.2.
N-content problem in HCl by-product was evaluated as a difficulty to get good quality product from the concentration section so two different solutions have been applied and are detailed in this report. Hazop study for a pilot using catalyst N-removal system is included in Annex 5.3. Both Calcium Chloride concentration system and pilot equipment are shown in Annex 5.4.
AZCATEC finished Material and Energy Balances, P&ID, main equipment and instrumentation design and plot plan. The Basic Engineering has been completely developed and is included in this report but more complete information is attached in Annex 5.5.