Introduction: The aim of this report is to provide a quantification of the residual materials and their destinations according to the overall configuration of Brescia demo-site. The performed analysis included wastes in the demo-case and char from biomass (biochar) that is a high potential material as substitute of fossil fuel (as demonstrated from previous projects such as RETROFEED or GREENEAF).
The partners involved in these activities have defined:
– the amount of metal wastes (metal oxides, metal powder, metal scrap,…) that can be recovered from available residues,
– the amount of aluminum that can be recovered from heterogeneous wastes,
– the CO2 savings achieved by partially replacing fossil coal with the identified supply of biochar
The work done in task 2.3 (see Deliverable 2.3: Report on material and energy flow characterisation on plant and relevant process level) complements this report.
Activities in WP7, such as the modelling of the streams and processes involved in the demo-site of Task 7.1 and the installation and commissioning of Task 7.3 (see Deliverable 7.3: Design and Engineering of all equipment and pilot plants), are linked to the work of this deliverable.