Introduction: The aim of this report is to demonstrate, in a schematic description, the installation of the new plants required for the recovery and valorisation of industrial materials involved industrial sites since it is a demonstrator deliverable. In details:
– Torbole has installed the treatment line to separate the silica from metal powders and has installed the pulverized char injector at the melting furnace.
– Ori Martin has industrially tested the production of metallic briquettes and has performed the characterization of the obtained products.
– Raffmetal has completed the basic engineering of an industrial batch pyrolizer. In order to better define process characteristics (energy consumption, process stability, degree of aluminium (Al) recovery), it has been decided to design a continuous pilot plant with the support of RINA-CSM.
– Feralpi has decided to perform trials in externally available pilot plants for both oxides reduction and ferro-alloys production. Principal processes parameters (energy consumption, process stability, degree of oxides reduction, ferro-alloys yield, …) will be analysed during testing.
The Italian Demo within CORALIS have the following goals:
– ORI MARTIN: at the beginning of the project, the leasing of a briquetting machine was envisaged, anyway, due to the obtained results, ORI decided to buy the machine (paid by CORALIS) that is discontinuously working, depending on the industrial needs.
– TORBOLE: both facilities (separator of metallic residues and char injector) have been paid with the CORALIS contribution.
– RAFFMETAL: a pilot plant for the recovery of residual Aluminium in organic wastes is foreseen, paid with the CORALIS contribution.
– FERALPI: not building or leasing of facilities in the plants are foreseen. Only testing, in external sites, necessary to achieve a technical-economical evaluation for a possible industrial plants will be performed.
In particular, this report will focus attention on Feralpi Siderurgica activities:
– metal recovery from reduction process of wastes mix residues.
– ferro-alloy generation to recover metallic fraction from metal oxides and Al wastes.