Publishable summary:

Deployment of industrial symbiosis (IS) initiatives are complex procedures where an unusual number of actors are involved. Therefore, new protocols and tools to ensure a smooth deployment are necessary to be studied and developed in the context of IS.
The overall aim of this task is to develop common protocols for the CORALIS demonstration activities (i.e. reporting procedures, communication protocols, etc.) for the correct supervision and development of the demonstration activities. They are going to foster the dialogue between different demonstrators (both Lighthouses and Followers) to find common needs and interests among the sectors and processes involved. Identifying common non-technical barriers in the development of the demonstration activities, it will increase the shared experiences among these organisations.
In this deliverable, the methodologies to achieve those goals have been defined. On one hand, the Symbiosis Readiness Level Matrix (SRLM), developed in T2.1, is going to follow the development of the demonstration activities. This procedure will be routed on the identified KPIs, also from T2.1. On the other hand, Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) methodology has been selected as risk assessment tool to foresee and prevent any difficulties in the deployment activities.
Regarding the SRLM, (thoroughly presented in D2.1), some baseline values for the current system can be found in public environmental reporting, in management systems (environment, quality, accounting etc) and in annual reports. Additional monitoring, and new reporting procedures will be developed for the evaluation of the progress of Industrial Symbiosis Readiness Level (ISRL) using the SRLM. These procedures will be developed during the M13-M18. It will establish a well-defined evaluation framework and procedure as well as the necessary inputs from other tasks, and WPs to carry out these assessments. These outputs will feed the D9.5 and D9.6
FMEA methodology has been selected because of its prevention approach. Furthermore, during this deliverable the implementation of the FMEA procedure has been planned, among others the following aspects will be considered: benchmarking of FMEA procedures, alignment with KPIs from T2.1, presentation to the demo-cases, etc. Furthermore, preliminary communication protocol and the workflow have been already established. This work will lead to the creation of an IS Forum where IS experiences will be cross-sectorial and cross-border shared, fostering the own knowhow of the project.
Therefore, the task 9.1 starts with this first general planning exercise and set up the upcoming activities for the next steps, to be completed in M18 with D9.2 when the follow-up report of the demonstration will be presented and M48 with D9.6 about the inventory of best practices.