The EEA report, Advancing towards climate resilience in Europe: status of reported national adaptation actions in 2021,  provides an overview of how EU Member States and Turkey are adapting to climate change and reporting on their adaptation actions. It gives a snapshot of the situation in 2021, and compares it with earlier information to show progress.  

 The report assesses the information reported under the selected elements of the GovReg (Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action) reporting, and how these elements were interpreted by each country. It examines climate-related hazards, vulnerabilities, and risks, adaptation policies and priorities, adaptation governance, implementation and financing, monitoring, reporting and evaluation and future directions. 

The report finds that knowledge gaps related to non-climatic factors, cross-border and international climate risks and cross-sectoral interactions persist. It also finds that legal requirements to enforce horizontal policy integration and binding vertical governance frameworks are in place in only a minority of Member States. Countries are mainly using monitoring, reporting and evaluation activities to gain a better understanding of policy implementation, identify climate risks and vulnerabilities, and measure policy effectiveness. However, effectively feeding monitoring, reporting and evaluation findings back into the next adaptation policy cycle remains a challenge. 

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