Industry is the biggest contributor to the EU economy, accounting approximately 20% of the EU GDP, providing jobs and growth. In order for Industry to continue bringing prosperity to Europe, it needs to adapt continuously and tackle new challenges.

Industry 5.0 is a policy brief of the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission. Industry 5.0 should not be seen as a chronological evolution of Industry 4.0; it is a new way of European Industry and emerging societal trends will coexist.

Industry 5.0 was discussed  amongst participants  from  research  and technology  organisations,  as  well as  funding  agencies  across  Europe  in  two  virtual workshops organised by Directorate “Prosperity” of DG Research and Innovation, on 2 and 9 July 2020. Six categories have been highlighted as part of technological frameworks:

  • Individualised Human-machine-interaction;
  • Bio-inspired technologies and smart materials;
  • Digital twins and simulation;
  • Data transmission, storage,   and   analysis   technologies;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Technologies for energy efficiency, renewables, storage and autonomy

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