The “Low-grade industrial waste heat utilization in urban district heating: Simulation-based performance assessment of a seasonal thermal energy storage system” study explores the utilization of low-grade industrial waste heat (IWH) in urban district heating systems, focusing on the assessment of a seasonal thermal energy storage (BTES) system. It highlights that while high-temperature IWH can be used in various industries, low-grade waste heat is more suitable for district heating due to its low exergy. The integration of IWH into district heating networks faces challenges related to seasonal mismatch and economic viability. The study proposes the use of BTES as a solution, emphasizing its adaptability and system economy. The research analyzes the performance of an IWH heating system integrated with BTES in Chifeng, China, using simulation models over a 10-year period. It investigates different design parameters and their impact on thermal and economic performance. The study concludes that the proposed system shows promise for utilizing IWH and highlights the importance of long-term performance prediction and optimization in industrial BTES applications.

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