In a recent ESTEP Digital-4-Environment workshop held in Bardolino, Italy, our project partner Daphne Mirabile from RINA CONSULTING – CENTRO SVILUPPO MATERIALI SPA presented their work in the CORALIS project.

The workshop, spanning over two days on the 20th and 21st of February 2024, brought together industry leaders and experts to discuss the intersection of Industry 4.0, sustainability, and digitalization in the steel sector. It covered a wide range of topics, including the digital megatrend and its relevance to the sustainability of the steel industry, digital maturity and evolution in the sector, and methodologies for monitoring and tracking circular economy and sustainability aspects of steel manufacturing processes.

One of the key themes of the workshop was the importance of digitalization in supporting sustainability efforts within the steel industry. Concepts such as resource and energy efficiency, circular economy and industrial symbiosis were highlighted as fundamental to creating value and optimizing industrial practices. The workshop also provided a platform for stakeholders from non-steel sectors of the process industry to share their experiences and insights into ecological transition efforts. Sponsorship opportunities were available for interested parties, with sponsorship including the opportunity to have the sponsor’s logo featured in promotional materials for the event.

Regarding the participation of CORALIS in the workshop, Daphne Mirrable presented the activities performed in WP3, together with CIRCE and RISE. In particular, the subject of the oral session has been “Methodology for emission and waste accounting in an industrial symbiosis system”. The approach WHO-WHAT-WHERE, followed in the CORALIS project, was discussed and some examples have been reported (included the Italian demo-case of CORALIS). What is more, the session discussed the idea to consider an industrial symbiosis such as an industrial ecosystem.

Overall, the ESTEP Workshop proved to be a valuable forum for exploring the conjunction between digitalization and sustainability, analyzing industry best practices, and discussing the technological landscape and future trends in the steel sector.

Find here the presentation made by Daphne Mirrable (RINA-CSM) on the work done within CORALIS, at the ESTEP Digital-4-Environment workshop: ESTEP D4E Feb 2024_Presentation_RINACSM