Publishable summary: This deliverable presents the Mid-term report on communication and dissemination activities for CORALIS, describing the implementation of the Communication and Dissemination (C&D) Plan, which has guided the consortium’s communication and dissemination activities in the first 2 years of the project so far and which will be carried out during the rest of the project’s life cycle, to maximize its impact throughout the project and beyond.
It should be noted that CORALIS is an innovation action, which means that the C&D Plan has been set in a way that will also take into account the commercialization of the results. Within this framework, even though the project’s brand identity development has started from an early stage, the identity of the final commercial product that will result from the project activities may be adapted and launched under a new name.
This document is a report on the dissemination and communication activities that have taken place from M1 (October 2020) to M24 (September 2022) of the CORALIS project. These have resulted from the implementation of the Communication and Dissemination (C&D) Plan (whose updates are hereby described), the roadmap that coordinates all the communication and awareness raising processes, but also the management and monitoring of dissemination activities with a view to ensure the highest possible outreach of the project’s activities and results to the relevant target groups that have been identified. It also describes necessary steps to be taken in cooperation with other project tasks.
In more detail, this document includes the following:
o The dissemination objectives of the CORALIS project;
o The roles and responsibilities of the partners with regards to the project’s communication and dissemination activities;
o The main target audiences;
o The dissemination tools and communication channels which are being used by the consortium partners aiming to the maximum visibility and public awareness (i.e. promotional material, social media, website, newsletters, events organized by the project, external events which partners participate in, scientific and non-scientific publications, synergies with other similar projects and initiatives);
o The reporting templates of the communication and dissemination activities, which are completed by partners throughout the project (event’s reporting, template for participation in external events/conferences, and the overall dissemination reporting template);
o The key performance indicators for monitoring and evaluation of the dissemination activities implemented under CORALIS;
o The time plan illustrating the stages of dissemination and stakeholder engagement activities.
All partners are expected to keep participating and contributing actively to the implementation of the dissemination activities according to the dissemination and communication strategy, while White Research, as the leader of the CORALIS communication and dissemination activities, is closely monitoring the dissemination actions described in this document and providing all the necessary support.

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