WP4 objectives

In WP4, the focus lies on the development of Business and Contracting Models to promote Industrial Symbiosis (IS). The overarching goal is to foster the advancement and uptake of effective managerial dynamics, business models, and governance mechanisms. These elements are pivotal in facilitating the successful emergence and sustained operation of symbiotic partnerships within industrial ecosystems.

WP4 current status

WP4 has been finalized. Noteworthy accomplishments include the development of a comprehensive framework for assessing the business value of industrial symbiosis, alongside the formulation of recommendations and good practices for pricing and tailored business agreements that regulate industrial symbiosis exchanges. Additionally, a guide has been devised to enhance information sharing and provide insights into network governance, complemented by a systemic process and recommendations aimed at bolstering the financing of industrial symbiosis projects.

Concerning the partners in the CORALIS project, specific recommendations have been delivered in terms of pricing and contracts, information exchange, and financing of the industrial symbiosis exchanges. Finally, an alpha version of a repository has also been developed to streamline information exchange among the CORALIS partners. This repository will be further enhanced in later steps to be used beyond the CORALIS consortium. For more details on WP4 check out:

D4.1 Overview of criteria and mechanisms for product/services pricing settlement (PU)
D4.2 Reference documents, good practices and templates to sustain legal environments for IS-cases (PU)
D4.3 Overview of data exchange channels and their implementation (PU)
D4.4 Repository for data exchange among IS partnerships – Alpha Version (CO)
D4.5 Guidelines for IS project development for improved engagement of funding schemes (PU)

WP4 next steps

Although WP4 has been finalized, we will continue to put effort into disseminating the accrued knowledge and tools to both practitioner and research communities. This step aims to maximize the impact of the work undertaken within WP4, ensuring its uptake and application in future developments. Moreover, the repository will be further developed into a beta version and launched as part of other WPs.