On Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th October 2023, one the CORALIS Steering Committees was successfully conducted in Brescia, Italy, where one of the project’s lighthouses is located.

This was the second time the project met physically, giving partners a chance to get to know each other better, discuss pending issues and collectively experience the actual work being done in Brescia.

The first day, Tuesday, was dedicated to having CORALIS partners visit two of the industrial demosites operating in the pilot of Brescia: Ori Martin and Fonderia di Torbole. There, the consortium had the chance to get a glimpse of metal recovery in steelmaking and iron foundry respectively in action.

On the second day, Wednesday, the Steering Committee was held in the headquarters of our host partner, Confidustria Brescia, where all WP leaders had the chance to present their updates and discuss with the rest of the consortium their plans for the next couple of months. Overall, the technical and theoritical work of most partners seems to be progressing well, while the demos are making progress with their installations and processes to implement their symbiotic activities.

Huge thank you to the hosts of this meeting for their professionalism and great meeting arrangements, which overall contributed to a fruitful meeting with insightful discussions and brainstorming.

(Photo credits to Confindustria Brescia)