The 1st Dissemination Event of the CORALIS project was successfully held on 14th October 2021. Industrial Symbiosis (IS) has gained great attention in the last years due to its high potential for energy and resources savings. While there have already been initiatives building around the concept of IS in Europe, there is still need to exploit its full potential and facilitate a larger market uptake among EU industrial areas.

The event which was moderated by Mr. Rod Janssen, President of Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes and partner of CORALIS project, aimed to introduce the project’s scope but also to present prominent speakers of the industry showcasing business models and finance cases.

CORALIS partners had the opportunity to introduce  the project’s vision and share their perspectives and insights in relation to the development of the project’s activities and results so far in the 3 Lighthouses areas (Spain, Sweden, and Italy).

In particular, the event’s key speakers were:

For more information check out the event’s agenda here.